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StateMountainHeight (metres)
New South WalesMt Koscuiszko2228
VictoraMt Bogong1986
Australian Capital TerritoryBimberi Peak1912
QueenslandBartle Frere1622
TasmaniaMt Ossa1617
Northern TerritoryMt Zeil1531
South AustraliaMt Woodroffe1435
Western AustraliaMt Meharry1253

New South Wales

Northern Territory- Mount Zeil

For more information on climbing Mount Zeil or to notify local authorities of your intent to climb Zeil, you should contact:

Chris Day
Chief District Ranger West
Parks and Wildlife Services
Department Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport
Phone: 08 9855 1119
Mobile: 0427 601 237


Gary Weir
Deputy Chief Ranger or Red Centre
Phone: 08 8951 8273
Mobile: 0405 603 152


Advice from Paul Ma (July 2012)

- 9 hour trip (more difficult that Bartle Frere)
- There is no trail to the summit.
- The mountain is covered in loose rocks and spinafex grass making the climb slow and painful.
- We drank 4 litres of water during winter
- If crossing Glen Helen property - contact Ian Morton (landowner) on 08 8956 8548


Advice from Bill Prime & Nat Prime

To climb Mt Zeil you definitely need to contact Chris Day. We went through Glen Helen Station but definitely need to contact the landholder Ian Morton. This situation obviously changes at times. Zeil was definitely an overnight climb - there is no way you would do it in 1 day


Advice from Steve Sherwood

You can do Mt Zeil in a day despite the advice. I came close the first time, and did a one day return climb the second time. Its a very long day, dawn to dark. We got back to the car with headlamps and the only guide was the GPS, all visual aides had gone. It's not easy but can be done. I had to leave the gf at the end and run the last km or so to the top, take some quick snaps and leave because of time. Even in winter (we did June both times) it gets very warm and we went through 6ltrs each. It is extremely remote, there is absolutely no path therefore if you get injured or lost there is no clue to where you might be other than somewhere between where you parked and the summit. Satellite phone is mandatory.


Advice from Sophie (Feb 2011)

I have climbed Mt Zeil twice - both times as long long day walks.  Not at all impossible but you need good nav, fitness and water.   Sensational summit.